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Green Energy

It is a term that refers to renewable energy sources and clean. Electricity generated from renewable sources becoming more available. By choosing such sources of renewable energy consumers can support the development of clean energy that will reduce the environmental impact associated with conventional energy generation and to increase energy independence.

Moreover, these technologies can come to help consumers by reducing bills for various utilities (water, heating) and a short time depreciation in the case of domestic water heating, the adoption of such a system becomes an investment extremely cost-effective for households, the hotels, hospitals etc..

Photovoltaic and wind energy is a viable solution for locations that do not currently benefit from connecting to the national electricity. In the future, by appropriate legislation such systems can become profitable and consumers connect to the national network by eliminating the need for the use of batteries and supply energy directly into the national network.

Renewables have an important potential energy availability and offers unlimited use locally and nationwide. Recovery of renewable energy sources are made based on three premises conferred by them, namely, affordability, availability and acceptability.


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